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WARNING -- The majority of reviews you'll find on line are affiliates trying to sell you and capture a commission. This site has NO affiliate links, and does not link to

SalehooSucks is an anti Salehoo site to expose the truth about Salehoo. The owner of Salehoo and his lawyers at Kensington Swan threaten anyone who posts information not favorable to Salehoo on the web with defamation suits.

In 2010, Salehoo sued us ... and lost. Other than us, no one else has been willing to go to court and stand up for their rights.

This means that there is no way to get true unbiased reviews of Salehoo, because most site owners just delete the negative comments rather than stand up for their First Amendment rights.

Here at Salehoo Sucks, we will stand up for our rights.

Right now the site has links to other honest reviews of Salehoo. We will not link to any review that contains an affiliate link.

Terry Gibbs has provided a Salehoo Review he wrote for his IWantCollectibles website. The review is no longer on Terry's site because his web host forced it to be removed after receiving a threatening letter from Kensington Swan. We believe in the first amendment and will fight to protect our rights.

The SalehooSucks Staff

Here's a large selection of free reports about selling on eBay.

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